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The ROK Boutique Hotel Is Expanding!

To all our future and returning guests,

Construction continues with the pylons continuing to be driven… Well, it was until we broke their big Tonka toy! Yes, The ROK is so solid, it broke their Pile Driver… Only at The ROK!!

On a more serious note, we do want to further explain the extent of the construction and what you can expect when you arrive for your stay with us. The ROK is NOT under any form of “Renovation”. All of our amenities are available and all of our services will continue to meet your highest expectations. In order to better understand where the construction is taking place, let’s take a look at this picture.

If you look at the small building to the far left of the picture, that is The ROK’s current main lobby. This is where you will check-in and find yourself coming and going throughout your stay. All of our Luxury Suites extend from the left of the Lobby, all the way to King Street traveling away from the construction area. You will then notice a building just to the right of that (in the center of the picture). This building already exists and will only have some small, interior renovations with big improvements to our guest experience.

The first floor will become the new Lobby, outfitted with a luxury Coffee Bar, Library, Rooftop Event Space, Spa and a Market. The upper floors will stay in their current condition of condos on the 2nd floor and an office and condo on the 3rd floor.

Now the fun part. The building to the far right, with the green glass, will be the new building. This will be where our guests check-in with curbside valet and other new amenities to make your stay one of complete luxury and pampering.

Our new building will host 32 modern guest room suites, a 5th Floor Rooftop Pool, and a Roof Top Restaurant on the 7th floor with breathtaking views of Historic Charleston. In order for us to build such an exquisite structure, we begin with deep foundations, better known as pile driving. This critical process should be complete by the July 4th weekend.

As my earlier blog explained, this work is only taking place between 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. Almost 100 piles have been driven to date. What you can expect is to feel a mild vibration in some cases than the actual sound of the pile driving. They drive about 8 – 10 piles a day.

Once this work is complete, we will move into a less noticeable time of construction with our regular foundations work. The noise level will be minimal through most of July and August.

As with everything, we are working closely with our construction crews to ensure the comfort of our guests both now and for future stays during this exciting process of expanding the ROK. As always, the entire team and I look forward to serving you during your visit to Historic Charleston and The Restoration on King.

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