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The ROK's New Exterior


Recently The Restoration on King completed an extensive refurbishment job on two of the three buildings making up the boutique hotel.  This included painting and stucco repair to both the Corner “Pink” building and the main lobby building.

This project took two very talented painters approximately 6 weeks, along with a mason repairing the stucco for a couple of weeks, and a carpenter repairing the soffit above the lobby.


Highlighted on the left, are the new accent colors around the windows on the corner of King and Wentworth.  On the left above, the entire building and windows use to be all pink, and now you can see the new “prune” color to the right.  If you look closely at the arched window to the right, you’ll also see the new gray color added to the window frames.




To the right, is the main entrance to the Hotel Lobby.  The top half of this building use to be a solid white, but now we have painted this section of the main building grey, accenting the windows and the “teeth” accents in off-white.   The soffit at the very top of the building was also fully restored, and wraps around the corners.

We also accented the earthquake bolts, two of which have a face on them, and below are a few examples of the detail that now “pop” after the implemented color changes.






Below is the finished look along King Street with all of the new contrasting colors highlighting the craftsmanship put into the building over 170 years ago back in 1840.

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