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Sam's Favorite Things

Favorite Things To Do Around Charleston!sam

When guests are in town visiting Charleston, it's common to hear them asking our staff what their favorite things are to do around town. Sam has been living in Charleston for 7 years now, and below are a few of his favorites: 

Your Favorite Place To Have Lunch? "One of my favorite places to grab lunch has to be Leaf. Located just a few blocks from the Hotel, it has a great atmosphere and outdoor seating."

What About Dinner and Nightlife? "As far as dinner goes, Folly Beach's Taco Boy and Bowens Island are my local favorites. Downtown, definitely O-Ku, Basil, and Hank's Seafood - they are just a few of the many choices available.  Charleston has so many awesome food options available, and oh, don't forget the late night snacks from the local street meat vendors!" 

"For night life, Charleston's Music Farm is definitely the venue to check out for local and out of town bands!  AC's Bar and Grill or The Royal American are also two great local hot spots for icy cold beverages."

What Do You Do On Your Days Off? "On days off, there's nothing like going fishing with my buddies all day!  Being out on the boat, over on the Johns and James Island rivers and waterways, is definitely the best."

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