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Nicole’s Favorite Things To Do

What Our Concierge Nicole, Likes To Do Around Charleston

We had such a great response from posting a few of Howard’s favorite things to do in and around Charleston (below), we decided to ask Nicole, our Concierge, to do the same:

Nearby Charleston Beaches?
"Anything that has to do with water, I love! Under my dad’s wing, he taught us how to fish, how to throw a cast net, set crab traps, and drive a boat. So, this is how I like to play when I have time!

The kids and I love the beaches, especially Folly Beach.  Any chance we get, we’re out at Folly swimming in the waves, making castles in the sand, flying kites, and collecting seashells. We like to take walks down the Folly Pier and see if anyone had any luck catching fish. We also love to walk down to see the Morris Island Lighthouse!  Folly is a great place for memorable pictures!"

Best Fresh Seafood?
"For those of you who like a little “hole in the wall” place, Bowen’s Island is a great place to check out. Bowen’s Island is known for their locally harvested oysters, simple, yet, delicious fare, and an atmosphere that’s unforgettable. Music played out there is also a wonderful touch to this great place!"

"For fresh seafood downtown, another favorite of mine would be Coast. From its laid back Lowcountry atmosphere to the fresh seafood, you cannot go wrong with this place. They make the best mojitos, so you’ll definitely want to cool off with one or three!"

Outdoor Charleston Fun?
"Charlestowne Landing is another great place we love to go and play. There’s so much to do and see here, so we plan the entire day around this trip. We love the Animal Forest! This is a 22 acre natural habitat zoo! It’s cool to check out all the different species that have lived in South Carolina. We take our bikes and love to ride through the beautifully landscaped trails. Mine and my son’s favorite has to be all the Archeological digs they have done here! These digs show you a way of life from Native Americans, to European Settlers, even African slaves that have inhabited South Carolina. We love bringing a picnic basket and just hanging out for the day, for we find something new to do and see every time we’re here."
Charleston Festivals?
"Another great thing about Charleston is the wide variety of art and music! The yearly Spoleto Festival  is full of awesome performances and stunning artistry. During this time of year, the town is illuminated with so many choices of things to do. The Charleston Food and Wine Festival is another great introduction to the finest of things Charleston has to offer."


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