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Hotel Amenities Keep Improving

Charleston's Best Kept Secret, Is Getting Even Better!

With a luxury hotel offering high-end condo style suites, there is a long list of hotel amenities that we pride ourselves on providing – from flat-screen televisions and iHome clock radio stations, to grocery delivery and stocking service, to continental breakfast served each morning in picnic baskets.  So why would we stop there?

Last month we added bedside white noise sound machines, and high-end make-up mirrors - both of which have already received rave reviews.  This summer, we are also offering complimentary box seat Riverdog Baseball tickets to our hotel guests, on an as-available basis.  But our improvements to the hotel do not stop there.  Over the next few months we will also be adding a new awing and flower pots to our Wentworth Street entrance, as well as updating all the carpet, blinds, and luxury bed linens to each suite.

It’s these high-end improvements and small little details, that we will continue to make – ensuring a wonderful stay each time you visit the beautiful city of Charleston.


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