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Check back often for all the latest of what is going on at The ROK and around Charleston!

The ROK Hotels’ Expansion, Foundation Work Begins!

Dear ROK Guests,

I would like to wish you a very happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

Construction on The ROK 34-room addition continues, and we are happy to report that things will be quieter now that the pylon driving is complete. We are now moving into the next stage of foundation work, and SCE&G is busy burying power lines down Wentworth to help accommodate some of our new construction demands.

In a few short months, the building will start to take shape, but for now, it is all foundation work, which includes:

  • Shoring up the historic foundations of 77 Wentworth and our neighboring properties. This careful process required us to drill holes along the adjacent buildings and to place a hollow 24” steel tube down each one. Then a mixture of cement and soil was used to re-enforce all of the old historic crevasses under and around these foundations. A Steel I-Beam was then welded to the steel tubes which then tied it all together. Essentially, we secured a new foundation wall around all of our neighbor’s buildings.
  • Dewatering has also begun. We are using the same company that actually works on a lot of new bridges. The first phase is now complete, which was to dry out the elevator pit for our tower crane placement. Even though The ROK has the advantage of being on one of the highest points on the peninsula (about 11 feet above sea level), we still hit water at about 8 feet down when digging.
  • The base to the elevator tower has been completed with the base of the tower crane inset into this base. This bottom piece of the tower crane will remain in the elevator pit even after they remove the crane.
  • And, as of today, our new big blue crane is high above the Charleston skyline!

This foundation work will be a relatively quiet part of the construction and cannot be heard even from our Valet parking area. This work will continue for the next 8-9 weeks and then we will start to see the new addition to The ROK rise from the ground.

As always, the entire team and I look forward to serving you during your visit to Historic Charleston and The Restoration on King!



Howard Letts

General Manager

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The ROK Boutique Hotel Is Expanding!

To all our future and returning guests,

Construction continues with the pylons continuing to be driven… Well, it was until we broke their big Tonka toy! Yes, The ROK is so solid, it broke their Pile Driver… Only at The ROK!!

On a more serious note, we do want to further explain the extent of the construction and what you can expect when you arrive for your stay with us. The ROK is NOT under any form of “Renovation”. All of our amenities are available and all of our services will continue to meet your highest expectations. In order to better understand where the construction is taking place, let’s take a look at this picture.

If you look at the small building to the far left of the picture, that is The ROK’s current main lobby. This is where you will check-in and find yourself coming and going throughout your stay. All of our Luxury Suites extend from the left of the Lobby, all the way to King Street traveling away from the construction area. You will then notice a building just to the right of that (in the center of the picture). This building already exists and will only have some small, interior renovations with big improvements to our guest experience.

The first floor will become the new Lobby, outfitted with a luxury Coffee & Wine Bar, Library & Boardroom, Fitness Room and a Market. The upper floors will stay in their current condition of condos on the 2nd floor and an office and condo on the 3rd floor.

Now the fun part. The building to the far right, with the green glass, will be the new building. This will be where our guests check-in with curbside valet and other new amenities to make your stay one of complete luxury and pampering.

Our new building will host 32 modern guest room suites, a 5th Floor Roof Top Pool, and a Roof Top Bar & Grille on the 7th floor with breathtaking views of Historic Charleston. In order for us to build such an exquisite structure, we begin with deep foundations, better known as pile driving. This critical process should be complete by the July 4th weekend.

As my earlier blog explained, this work is only taking place between 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. Almost 100 piles have been driven to date. What you can expect is to feel a mild vibration in some cases than the actual sound of the pile driving. They drive about 8 – 10 piles a day.

Once this work is complete, we will move into a less noticeable time of construction with our regular foundations work. The noise level will be minimal through most of July and August.

As with everything, we are working closely with our construction crews to ensure the comfort of our guests both now and for future stays during this exciting process of expanding the ROK. As always, the entire team and I look forward to serving you during your visit to Historic Charleston and The Restoration on King.

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The ROK Is About To Get BIGGER!

The #4 Top Small Hotel In The US - Is Expanding!

To all of our future and returning guests,

The Restoration on King is proud to announce that expansion plans for our small boutique hotel have been approved at long last and during the coming months The Restoration on King will begin construction on a new addition to the our little boutique hotel.

Plans for the new addition will include:

  • 34 New Guest Rooms & Suites
  • Rooftop Bar & Grille
  • A New Rooftop Pool
  • New Hotel Entrance and Lobby
  • Brand New Fitness Center
  • Lobby Coffee & Wine Bar
  • Outdoor Patio Garden and A New Atrium Garden!

We will be updating all of our guests on the progress of this exciting project and we invite you to follow us online on The ROK Blog, where I will be keeping all of our guests and friends up to date on our progress.

The first phase of this will be the driving of pylons, which began earlier this week. For the convenience of our guests, this work will be done Monday-Friday and will not start until after 10:00 a.m. and will be completed by 5:00 p.m., as our guests are typically out enjoying beautiful Historic Charleston during that timeframe. There will be no construction on the weekends or on holidays. This work is expected to continue through the month of June at which point we will be moving onto the next phase of this exciting expansion.

During this time we will be working very hard to insure that all of our guests enjoy their stay with us at The Restoration on King and their time in Charleston.

If I can be of any assistance, I can be reached at 843-518-5100.

We look forward to serving you at The Restoration on King.

Kindest Regards,

Howard D. Letts

General Manager

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10 Great Reasons To Visit Charleston In The Summer!

1) Charleston was voted as the 2012 Top City in the World by Conde Nast!

2) The Historic Market was updated in 2011 to include an in-door (air conditioned) section and fans

3) The Farmers Market was just listed among the Top 10 in the U.S. by Shape Magazine

4) More local fresh seafood and fish choices are in season

5) Tons of great events and activities happening downtown Charleston

6) Beautiful beach weather! Hotel bicycles, boogie boards, beach chairs, towels & beach toys are available

7) Less pollen than Spring time and the smell of Confederate Jasmine is in the air

8) Complimentary Charleston Riverdog Baseball tickets are available to ROK guests

9) Perfect weather for boat tours and wonderful afternoon harbor breezes

10) Lemon-scented refreshing towels available in hotel lobby when you get back

Book a Summer Getaway now! >>

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The ROK's New Exterior


Recently The Restoration on King completed an extensive refurbishment job on two of the three buildings making up the boutique hotel.  This included painting and stucco repair to both the Corner “Pink” building and the main lobby building.

This project took two very talented painters approximately 6 weeks, along with a mason repairing the stucco for a couple of weeks, and a carpenter repairing the soffit above the lobby.


Highlighted on the left, are the new accent colors around the windows on the corner of King and Wentworth.  On the left above, the entire building and windows use to be all pink, and now you can see the new “prune” color to the right.  If you look closely at the arched window to the right, you’ll also see the new gray color added to the window frames.




To the right, is the main entrance to the Hotel Lobby.  The top half of this building use to be a solid white, but now we have painted this section of the main building grey, accenting the windows and the “teeth” accents in off-white.   The soffit at the very top of the building was also fully restored, and wraps around the corners.

We also accented the earthquake bolts, two of which have a face on them, and below are a few examples of the detail that now “pop” after the implemented color changes.






Below is the finished look along King Street with all of the new contrasting colors highlighting the craftsmanship put into the building over 170 years ago back in 1840.

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Nathan's Favorite Things


Favorite Foodie Restaurant: McCrady’s
McCrady’s is renowned in Charleston, the first of its kind.  The ambiance is tavern-like, the service impeccable, and the food is awesome.  They serve only the freshest ingredients, and each dish is specially designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.  

Favorite Lunch: Rue De Jean
This place is awesome!  It’s got a phenomenal location right off of King Street  The service is great, and it’s the perfect place for lunch.  They have a great assortment of sandwiches which are sure to please.

Favorite Dinner: Hall’s Chophouse
I was very reluctant to accept that Hall’s would have the best steak I’ve ever eaten, since Filet Mignon is one of my favorite foods, but after one bite I was convinced!

Favorite Seafood: Amen Street and Blossom
Amen Street is my favorite Seafood restaurant.  They have THE best calamari I’ve ever had, oysters from all over the country, and they are conveniently located.  Blossom is the sister restaurant to Magnolia’s.  Blossom has great presentation and delicious food.  It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a diverse selection, as they have both local Seafood and Low Country cuisine.  

Favorite Tours:
Adventure Sightseeing’s Bus Tour is very informative.  They tell you about the history of Charleston.  They take you all around town from the Citadel to the Battery down Rainbow Row.  It’s great for people new to Charleston, and it’s not too expensive either.  

The Bull Dog’s Ghost and Graveyard Tour is a lot of fun!  You get to see pictures of ghosts and walk along some of United States’ oldest cemeteries.  They also have a Provost Dungeon tour and an Old City Jail tour I’ve yet to try, but I’m looking forward to it!

Favorite Museum: Charleston Museum & City Gallery at Waterfront Park
The Charleston Museum is the oldest museum in the United States.  It’s HUGE!  It takes about 2 hours just to go through the entire museum, and really take it all in.  I especially liked the Egyptian mummies and sarcophagus they had on display!

I’ve been into art since I was a child, and the City Gallery at Waterfront Park always has a nice and unique exhibit.   A little off the beaten path, but a great place to visit for art enthusiasts!

Off Time:
I bike all the time!  I love biking downtown.  I go up East Bay and hang out with friends for coffee and ride down to the Battery.  It’s great exercise, and Charleston is bike friendly!

One of my favorite things to do is go to the French Quarterly Art Walk.  I love art so it’s always fun to see each exhibit.  They serve wine and cheese at all of the Galleries on Broad Street.

The Farmer’s Market takes place every Saturday at Marion Square.  They have the freshest food and the best breakfast in town, highly recommended!

I also like to go to the beach in my downtime, to go fishing with my Dad on Seabrook Island.  It’s a little slice of heaven!  Most times I’ll sea dolphins swimming while fishing on the surf!

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